TOP PICK: Singapore SIM Card for Travelers

Looking for a SIM card in Singapore that you can pick up at Changi Airport? Get it here!



  • WAUG offers an excellent Singapore SIM card for foreigners, one that comes with 100 GB of data in fast 4G speed.
  • This one’s ideal if you plan to go around the country and connect other devices, whether that’s your laptop, tablet, or your companions’ mobile devices.
  • Book this SIM card at a discounted price here and pick up conveniently at Changi International Airport upon arrival.
  • If you have not used WAUG before, now’s the time to do so! Sign up here and get $3 off your first transaction!
  • You may also want to get the EZ-Link stored-value card in Singapore to make your train and bus rides smooth. Learn more about it here!

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Best SIM Card for Singapore


What’s the one thing to like about Singapore? It’s a country that can be explored almost fully in less than a week or so. Even if you spend one full day in Universal Studios, you will still have enough time to visit other equally stunning attractions, like the Gardens by the Bay, Skyline Luge Sentosa, and this fantastic park in the sky. To get the most out of your trip, all you have to do is to plan your route strategically and use the most convenient public ride options. If you ever get lost, well, you can easily connect to your navigation app if you have a SIM card for Singapore. That or you can call a friend!

For unbeatable discount offers, convenience, and top-notch service, we recommend buying your Singapore SIM card online here, which you can pick up at Changi Airport. Below you’ll find more information:

4G Singapore SIM Card (Airport Pick-up)

Data SIM card with domestic calling, international calling, and text messaging feature.

This option on WAUG provides 100 GB of data at 4G speed for 7 days. The allocation is plenty (it’s more than enough for a week!), so you won’t have to worry if you will tether another device or stream shows in UHD. Obviously, using navigation, social media, email, and other apps will not be a problem at all. What’s more is if you have friends who live in Singapore, you can send them texts or reach them via call since the prepaid SIM card is activated for these services. Here are the details:

  • Price (1 x 4G SIM card in Singapore): around $7.6 for seven days (equivalent to NT$227, ₱385, and HK$58)
  • Inclusions:
    • 100 GB of data
    • 500 minutes of domestic calls
    • 100 domestic text messages
    • 20 minutes of international calls
  • Where to pick up this SIM card in Singapore:
    • Changi Airport Terminal 2: Cheers convenience store near check-in counters 11 and 12 (Arrivals Hall on the 2/F)
    • Changi Airport Terminal 3: Cheers convenience store near check-in counters 44 and 45 (Arrivals Hall on the 1/F)
    • Changi Airport Terminal 4: Cheers convenience store near the Baggage Claim 5 (Arrivals Hall, 1/F)
    • All of the SIM card collection booths are open from 9am-9pm.


To help you decide if you should get this prepaid data SIM card in Singapore, here are some reviews from WAUG users who booked the item previously:


I used it very well at a low price. First of all, it’s cheaper than purchasing a SIM card locally! This is virtually an unlimited data SIM made for travelers by Singapore’s second-largest carrier, M1. There was no [4G] connection when the subway passes inside the tunnel, but LTE and [4G] was working well in other areas… I have a screenshot of my data inquiry. It’s not 100 GB. ㅎㅎ

Translated customer review on WAUG | 2018-09-10

(Side note: If you check out the photo review, you’ll see that the data is not 100 GB of data. It’s more!)

I was very glad that it worked well.

Translated customer review on WAUG | 2019-11-22

Great option when travelling and need internet!

Customer review for the 4G Singapore SIM card on WAUG | 2019-06-11

Should you want to read more feedback for this Singapore SIM card, click below to go to its booking page and find the Reviews section.

How to Book your Singapore SIM Card Online

If you have not used WAUG before, refer to these steps to buy your SIM online:

  1. Sign up for an account here.
  2. Click here to go to the booking page.
  3. Select the date when you’d like to pick up the product.
  4. Provide the other information required and check out using your Visa, Mastercard, or American Express card.
  5. Wait for the confirmation of your purchase and mobile voucher.

That’s it! To make the redemption process smoother in the airport, make sure to download the WAUG app on your phone!

More Singapore Travel Recommendations

If you’ll be traveling to SG for a nice weekend with your buddies, check out this video from WAUG to get some ideas!

Other group-friendly experiences worth trying are:

  1. Water B Singapore River Cruise
  2. Night Safari Singapore
  3. Gardens by the Bay
  4. Jurong Bird Park
  5. Marina Bay Sands SkyPark Observation Deck

Booking Notes & FAQ


1. Can I call my friends or family back home with this SIM card?

The option comes with 20 minutes of international calls, so you can definitely contact your friends or family whenever you want to. Of course, should you run into a problem like, say, with your credit or debit card, you can use this SIM card to call your bank.

2. Will I be able to connect other devices with this SIM card just like a pocket Wifi device?

If the devices are enabled for tethering (mobile hotspot), then you can get them connected the way a pocket Wifi does. However, doing this may drain your phone’s battery fast so make sure that you have a battery pack.

3. Will I be able to use Google Maps, Facebook, Netflix, and Instagram?

Yes, yes, yes, and yes! 😊

4. To claim my Singapore SIM card, do I need to print the voucher?

No, you can just show them your in-app voucher. But showing a printed voucher works just as well.

5. Is there a collection booth in Changi Airport Terminal 1?

Pick-up is currently only available in Terminals 2, 3, and 4. If you’ll arrive via T1, don’t worry. You can easily make a transfer to the other terminals. Oh, and when you finally pick up your Singapore SIM card from our partner merchant, make sure that you won’t leave the place until you try out the data connection!

6. If I’m not buying online, how can I buy a SIM card in Singapore?

Just pop in at any 7-Eleven or Cheers convenience store. Of course, the only downside is that you won’t be able to buy it a discounted rate! 😔

That’s all, folks

Hope you enjoy your trip to Singapore! If you need any travel recommendations, just visit WAUG here to find activities, restaurants, and tours to book!

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