Why Visiting & Buying Tickets for Skyline Luge Sentosa is a GRAND Idea

Get to experience the popular gravity ride that’s enjoyed by kids and kids-at-heart! Easily check the price of a Skyline Luge Sentosa ticket here.

World-famous Luge — a thrilling half go-kart, half-sled ride in Singapore! Credit: Skyline Luge Sentosa


  • With multiple locations across the world and over 45 million rides hosted, there’s no denying that Skyline Luge has become quite the must-visit attraction for travelers.
  • If you’re down to try the Luge in Singapore, you can choose to take the track filled with dragons or one that’s made captivating by a rainforest, among others.
  • At Skyline Luge Sentosa, you can also take the Skyride, which is a cable car-like ride that’ll give you a nice view of Singapore’s skyline. (It’s just as exhilarating as the Luge!)
  • To help you with your budgeting, check out the price of Skyline Luge Sentosa tickets here.
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Is Skyline Luge open?

Here’s an update from the attraction’s website regarding their temporary service changes due to COVID-19:

To our customers and community,

Skyline Luge Sentosa has temporarily closed operations until Thursday 4th June 2020 in line with the Singapore Government’s directive requiring all non-essential businesses, including attractions, to close.

We recognize this is a challenging time for many and an unprecedented one for us all. We will continue to support our people and continue to follow the recommendations and directives from the Government and the Ministry of Health.

We will continue to closely monitor the situation and provide updates here at skylineluge.sg as well as on our Facebook and Instagram (@skylinelugesentosa) channels.

For additional information about Covid-19 please refer to the Ministry of Health website (https://www.moh.gov.sg/covid-19).

Please stay safe.

The Skyline Luge Sentosa team.

On April 20, they also posted this exciting news on Facebook:

We are delighted to share that Skyline Luge Sentosa has been certified with the SG Clean quality mark by Singapore Tourism Board! This certificate recognizes that as an attraction we are committed to upholding good sanitation and hygiene practices at all times so that you can enjoy visiting us with a peace of mind.

Let’s all do our part to keep SG Clean, together we shall overcome this!

For more information on the SG Clean initiatives, visit sgclean.gov.sg #SGClean #SGUnited

Last updated: May 19, 2020

Feel alive again at the Skyline Luge in Singapore

Designed for both children and adults, the tracks at Skyline Luge Sentosa pack all the thrill for those in need of some adrenaline rush! The Singapore location has four (4) carefully-designed luge paths that are filled with surprises, making it a very worthwhile activity center for families, friends, and couples. For an overview (and to get you excited!), check out our short video that features the Three Guys enjoying this attraction:

As shown in the clip, those who visit this attraction in Singapore mainly enjoy sliding their way down the nature-filled paths via the Luge, which is a half go-kart and half-toboggan (3-wheeler sledge). This is a kid-friendly ride that will let you see the captivating sights of the area smoothly and safely. If you want to know if Skyline Luge Sentosa tickets are available on the dates of your travel, click below:


But what exactly are the themed tracks available? Good question. Here are some details to help you choose which ticket to buy:

1. Dragon Trail

Spanning over 688m, the Dragon Trail is the longest track at the Skyline Luge Sentosa in Singapore. For this fact alone, you should take this trail to get the most out of your visit. The track has elevated courses and features tight corners and multiple turns, which make for a heart-stopping experience. Oh, and if you’re up to spot some dragons along the way, be sure to choose this trail. 😉

2. Expedition Trail

The Expedition Trail is one of Skyline Luge’s newest track in Singapore. It’s 658m in length and runs through Sentosa’s lush rainforest. If you decide to take this trail, you can choose to go slow on some parts to take in the vibrant nature, however be sure to lose control as you enter the track’s tunnels!

3. Kupu Kupu Trail

Family-friendly attraction in Sentosa. Credit: VisitSingapore

Taken from the Malay word for butterfly, the Kupu Kupu trail guarantees a fun exploration of Sentosa’s mystical forest. This track is also one of the latest ones to be built and features a 638-meter trail that’ll be a treat for the children!

4. Jungle Trail

Shortest of the four this track may be (it’s 628m in length), but make no mistake, the Jungle Trail has a lot in store for groups of friends! This track features a luxuriant tunnel, hairpin corners, and long straight roads — three things that adrenaline junkies will definitely find fulfilling.

Map of the Sentosa Luge tracks. Credit: Skyline Luge Sentosa

If, at this point, you’re having a hard time to choose and want to try all four tracks at Skyline Luge Singapore (perfect idea!), you can simply book the option that’ll entitle you to four (4) rounds of Luge rides! Oh, and if you’re visiting with a date, visit Skyline Luge Sentosa at night for a romantic race with your partner!

Fly before you ride via Skyline Luge Sentosa’s Skyride

Bonding in the sky. Credit: Skyline Luge Sentosa

To get to the top of the Luge tracks, you will be transported via the Skyride, which is a cable car-like ride that’ll let you see the nice views of Singapore’s skyline and the sea. Four members of your group can fit in one chairlift, and if you’ll travel with your partner, you two can opt to ride at night for some sweet couple time. After your Skyride, you will make your way down to the bottom of the area via the Luge cart or choose to get a return Skyride ticket if you want to skip the Luge. (Boo.) You can find out more and buy your Skyline Luge + Skyride combo tickets here.

How much are Skyline Luge Sentosa Tickets?

To help you plan and buy your Sentosa Luge tickets, below we’ve listed the different online booking options together with their price:

1. Skyline Luge + Skyride (2 Rounds)

  • TICKET PRICE: around $17, if no discount is applied
  • Skyline Luge Sentosa combo tickets that are booked on WAUG are Express tickets. It will be valid for six months after the date purchase.
  • To ride the Luge unaccompanied, the participant must be at least six (6) years old and taller than 110cm (3 feet and 7 inches).

2. Skyline Luge + Skyride (3 Rounds)

  • TICKET PRICE: around $15, with the discount applied!
  • Skyline Luge Sentosa combo tickets that are booked on WAUG are Express tickets. It will be valid for six months after the date purchase.
  • To ride the Luge unaccompanied, the participant must be at least six (6) years old and taller than 110cm (3 feet and 7 inches).

3. Skyline Luge + Skyride (4 Rounds)

  • TICKET PRICE: around $16, with the discount applied!
  • Skyline Luge Sentosa combo tickets that are booked on WAUG are Express tickets. It will be valid for six months after the date purchase.
  • To ride the Luge unaccompanied, the participant must be at least six (6) years old and taller than 110cm (3 feet and 7 inches).

How to book your Skyline Luge Sentosa Tickets online

If you haven’t tried booking your tours and admission passes online via WAUG, you can follow these steps to get your discounted Sentosa Luge tickets:

  • Create an account and download the WAUG mobile app here.
  • Go to the Skyline Luge Sentosa page here.
  • Select the ticket combo you prefer and choose the quantity/date for your purchase.
  • Check out using your Visa, Mastercard, or AMEX card, among other methods of payment
  • Receive instant confirmation for your Skyline Luge Sentosa ticket purchase. All set to luge!

Reviews for Skyline Luge Sentosa

Still need convincing to visit the Singapore Skyline Luge in Sentosa? Well, aside from the fact that the attraction is being enjoyed in other countries like South Korea, the Skyline Luge Sentosa currently has a fantastic 4.9/5 star online rating on WAUG! Below is a customer review that you can find on our platform:


It was my first time and it was really fun. Although Skyline Luge seems frightening, what’s scarier is the queue of people… The luge itself was so much fun. It is cheap, and I got the ticket fast because I reserved in advance. It is highly recommended. ^^

Translated customer review on WAUG | 2017-08-14

How to Get to Skyline Luge Sentosa in Singapore

You can get to Skyline Luge Sentosa via the Imbiah Lookout Entrance. Take the Sentosa Express and alight at Imbiah Station. Alternatively, you may also want to enter via Siloso Beach Entrance. For this, you will just have to take the Sentosa Express and alight at Beach Station.

You may also get to the Sentosa Luge by taking the Sentosa Bus 1 or Bus 2 for the Imbiah Lookout Entrance or Sentosa Bus 1 or Bus 3 for the Siloso Beach Entrance.


  • Children must be at least 135cm in height to be able to ride the Skyride unaccompanied. Moreover, children must be at least 85cm in height to be permitted to take the Skyride with an adult.
  • Children under 110cm tall or below 6 years old who can walk unassisted will be permitted to ride the Luge if accompanied by an adult. For this, a Child Doubling ticket may be purchased at the Skyline Luge Sentosa Ticket Counter.
  • Rent a locker at the Skyline complex to safely secure your belongings. Simply visit the Skyline Luge Sentosa Ticket Counter to do so.
  • Those who are pregnant, suffering from back and neck problems, heart problems, and epileptic fits are not encouraged to take the Sentosa Luge.
  • The last Skyline Luge ride is scheduled at around 9:20pm. Note that this may change depending on weather conditions.

Skyline Luge Sentosa: Operating Hours & Address

Skyline Luge Sentosa is located at 45 Siloso Beach Walk, Sentosa, Singapore. It is open from 10am-9pm daily. Redemption of tickets is available until 9pm only, so plan accordingly.

Enjoy your Singapore trip!

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