3 Best Vietnamese Restaurants in Seoul for Your Pho Fix

Feeling a little cold this season? 🥶 Warm up with a hot bowl of pho when you visit this Vietnamese restaurant near Hongdae!

Where to Get Vietnamese Food in Seoul

When I moved to South Korea, one of the very first tips that a coworker gave me was where to get pho in Seoul. Now, it may sound like a random recommendation, but, no, she actually shared the best places to get cheap street food, pasta, and pork cutlet before that. Anyway, I wasn’t exactly very much into pho then, so I got curious if Vietnamese food was popular among Koreans. It turns out that it is, especially since Vietnam is one of the most preferred destinations among Korean travelers, pho is pretty much similar to kalguksu, and it’s a nice meal to have when it’s cold out!

Since that little small talk with my colleague, I’ve become a fan of the iconic Vietnamese soup. It saved me on those days when I’m having flu symptoms and satisfied me when I’m craving for something hot to eat during autumn and winter in Korea. If you too are looking for recommendations, then check out these restaurants in Seoul where you can enjoy some tasty Vietnamese food:

1. Ponyahyang (Hongdae & Yeonnam-dong)

Beef Vietnamese Noodles.

Let me start with my go-to place — Ponyahyang. I live in Hongdae, so I tend to visit this restaurant quite often. You may have heard of the name since it’s a franchise brand, but this particular branch gives off that vibe of a friendly neighborhood store.

Fried Shrimp.

As for the food, you definitely can’t go wrong with their traditional Beef Pho. The broth is perfect — it’s light, clean, and just the right level of meaty. I usually have it with fried rice and some fried shrimps, especially when I want to treat myself. These three dishes come as a set for ₩21,000 or $19, but if you want to save money like I do, you can book online here to get it for only ₩18,900 or $17! (New users get extra ₩3,000 or $3 off first booking!) 🎉


2. Annyeong Vietnam (Gwanak-gu)

Near Seoul National University Station on the Green Line is a Vietnamese restaurant in Seoul with a fanfare. During peak hours, expect to wait for around 10 minutes to be seated, but you’ll realize that it’s worth it once you have their bun cha (₩11,000) or bahn mi (₩7,500)! These two are the must-try items, but, of course, if you’re looking for pho, they also have a couple of variations that you can enjoy for around ₩10,000.

3. Plus84 (Itaewon)


Being the melting pot of foreign cuisine and culture, Itaewon will surely have a couple of Vietnamese restaurants that delight. I like visiting Plus84, which is just 5 minutes away by walking from Itaewon Station, Exit 4. Handled by a Vietnamese chef, you can definitely expect to have a very authentic meal here. I love their Beef Pho (₩9,500 for a medium serving), which you can add extra noodles and meat to for a minimal cost. They also have beef and seafood fried rice, which cost ₩9,500 each. If you want to complete your meal with some fresh spring rolls, you can order a serving for only ₩8,500!

Bahn mi, pho, and spring rolls!

If you’ll eat pho with a friend, you can book a ₩30,000 voucher for Plus84 here for only ₩28,500 or $25.6! This can get you 2 bowls of pho and any dish for sharing. Of course, if you plan to eat alone, you can plan how to use the voucher by checking out the Plus84 menu here. (TIP! Plus84 also has a branch in Insadong, which you can book here!)

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How to Book Vietnamese Restaurants in Seoul Online


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Featured image from Plus84 on Facebook.

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