Top Things to Do in Yeosu: Cable Car, Rail Bike, & More

But first, what’s special about Yeosu?

You know how the Big Apple’s popularity increased even more after New York, New York and Empire State of Mind were released? It’s pretty much the same way with Yeosu! A band called Busker Busker put the coastal city on the map with their song Yeosu Night Sea (여수 밤바다), a ballad that just tugs at the heartstrings! With its soulful melody and moving lyrics, the song instantly became a hit and, to this day, continues to inspire people to take a trip down South Jeolla Province. Give the song a quick listen below if you haven’t yet:

What to Do in Yeosu

If you feel moved by the song or just want to explore the city, you can easily capture the soul of Yeosu by trying the following activities. They all highlight the sea, which make them the best way to experience the remarkable coastal destination!

1. Yeosu Maritime Cable Car


I’ll start with my personal favorite: the cable car in Yeosu! If there’s one place or activity that’ll give you a nice overview of the city (for appreciation and photography purposes!), this is it. It’s actually the first sea cable car in South Korea and the fourth in Asia, which makes it a more worthwhile activity to add into your itinerary.

A round trip journey takes 25 minutes and will have you mesmerizing over the views of Odongdo Island, Dolsandaegyo Bridge, and Geobukseon Bridge.


If you’re traveling as a couple, make sure to visit at night for a truly romantic experience!

Yeosu Cable Car Tickets

If you decide to try Yeosu Maritime Cable Car, you get to pick between two options: the Crystal Cabin (for up to 5 people) and the Standard Cabin (maximum of 8 people). Like most cable car facilities in the world, the Crystal Cabin gives you a complete view of the surroundings with its see-through flooring. Here’s the price info:

Regular price for Yeosu Cable Car tickets. Credit: Korea Tourism Organization

Want to get discounted tickets? You can book on WAUG to enjoy the following offer (price may change without notice):

1. Standard Cabin – Round trip
ㄴ Adult (성인)₩15,000₩14,000
ㄴ Child (어린이)₩11,000₩10,000
2. Standard Cabin – One-way
ㄴ Adult (성인)₩12,000₩11,000
ㄴ Child (어린이)₩8,000₩7,500
3. Crystal Cabin – Round trip
(크리스탈 캐빈)
ㄴ Adult (성인)₩22,000₩21,000
ㄴ Child (어린이)₩17,000₩16,000

If you’re a new WAUG user, you will also get an extra $3 or ₩3,000 discount coupon that you can use to reduce the cost of your first booking! 🎉



  • The booking page is currently in Korean, but you can click here to see how to book in English!
  • Adult tickets apply to middle schoolers and older. Child tickets may be purchased for participants who are at least 3 years old and are in elementary school.)

2. Yeosu Ocean Railbike


Not exactly a fan of heights? You can still experience the spectacular sea by rail biking along it! The Yeosu Ocean Railbike Park features an open-air 3.5km track with tunnels, which will let you feel the cool breeze of the city. If you’re planning a trip for your friends or family, this is definitely a worthwhile activity that everyone will enjoy!

여수 레일바이크 탑승권
2-seater Bike
3-seater Bike
4-seater Bike
Price may change without notice.

3. Aqua Planet Yeosu


With a total floor area of 16,400㎡, Aqua Planet in Yeosu is the second largest aquarium in South Korea! Here, you can see over 34,000 marine animals from 280 species. Over 1 million people actually visit this aquarium every year, and most are delighted by the white whales and seals that are housed inside the attraction. While Aqua Planet in Yeosu does not exactly feature the beautiful coast in Yeosu, it’s a representative landmark of the city that no traveler should miss!

1. Admission
(아쿠아플라넷 입장권)
ㄴ Adult – 14 years and up
ㄴ Child – 3-13 years old
2. Admission + 5D Theater
(입장권 + 5D영상관 이용)
Adult – 14 years and up
Child – 3-13 years old
Price may change without notice.

How to Book Things to Do in Yeosu on WAUG

WAUG is the No. 1 activity booking platform from South Korea. Currently, the booking pages for the three attractions above are available in Korean only. If you can’t read Korean yet, here are some notes to help you make a booking:

  1. Using your web or mobile browser (not applicable on the WAUG app), click on the link of your preferred attraction/s:
  2. Translate the booking page into English (or another language) using Google Translate or Papago.
  3. Select the date and provide other information.
  4. Check out using your debit or credit card. (To view other payment options like mobile payment and bank gateways, make sure to select KRW as your currency.)
  5. All set! Once your transaction goes through, you’ll receive the vouchers that you can use on your trip.

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