Jeju Loveland: Entrance Fee & What Not to Miss On Your Visit!

See all the quirky sex-themed sculptures in Jeju Island’s Loveland when you book your tickets here!



  • Loveland is a humorous sculpture park in Jeju Island that depicts eroticism and sexuality.
  • They have indoor and outdoor exhibits, which admit guests who are at least 18 years old.
  • The regular entrance fee to Jeju Loveland is ₩12,000 or $10.3, but you can book a ticket here at a discounted price of ₩8,900 or $7.6!
  • Loveland is located in Jeju-si, Jeju-do, Republic of Korea. They are open everyday from 9am-12am.

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Loveland in Jeju Island

Let your imagination run wild. This is the invitation of Loveland, a one-of-a-kind attraction in Jeju Island. Here, you’ll find over 140 erotic artworks and sexual objects, from sculptures of penises to figures engaged in foreplay. Students from Hongik University in Seoul helped set up the indoor and outdoor exhibits, which are, of course, off-limits to minors.

But more than the sensual artworks (which guests are free to touch, by the way), there’s also a glass-dome restaurant and an outdoor cafe in this sculpture park. There’s also a gift shop that looks more like an adult toy store.

Locals who booked Loveland tickets here found the attraction amusing and, yes, informative. One of them also recommended to visit at night given the fantastic light displays in the outdoor exhibit (Loveland is one of the few places in Jeju that are open late ’til midnight!). To see all the reviews for Loveland in Jeju Island, go ahead and click below:

NSFW-ish: Photos of Jeju Loveland Sculptures

If you’re planning to visit, you’ll find the details of our Loveland ticket deal below. But first, check out these photos of the artworks that you shouldn’t miss when you visit (allot at least 40 minutes of sightseeing):

Loveland features artworks that deal with romance and sexuality. (You’re free to touch!)
The attraction promotes a different and proper approach to sex culture.
You can visit the outdoor exhibit, which is filled with 100 displays set up by students of Hongik Univ.
There’s also the indoor exhibit, which features various artworks, like penis sculptures.
It’s one of the few attractions that are open ’til midnight.

Loveland Entrance Fee & Ticket Deal

Admission to Jeju Loveland costs ₩12,000 or $10.3 per person. However, you can book your ticket below to get a discounted rate of ₩8,900 or $7.6!

Still looking for a better offer? If you have not used WAUG before, you can score an extra $3 or ₩3,000 discount when you sign up!


How to Book Jeju Loveland Tickets Online

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  1. Log in or sign up for an account here. (Click the floating coupon on the redirected page.)
  2. Visit the Jeju Loveland booking page here.
  3. Choose the date of your visit and provide the other information.
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Loveland Location & Hours

Loveland is located at 2894-72, 1100-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, Republic of Korea. They are open from 9am-12am, with the last admission at 11pm.

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