Hongdae Restaurants: Discover the Best Dining Spots Right Now

If you’re in the mood for Korean food and some makgeolli, then visit this Joseon-themed restaurant in Hongdae!


  • With so many cheap and casual restaurants, Hongdae is a great place to visit when you’re looking to eat out in Seoul.
  • One of the crowd-favorites here is The Dam, which is included in the Blue Ribbon Survey — Korea’s very own restaurant guidebook.
  • Hongdae is also home to 943 King’s Cross, the Harry Potter cafe in Seoul. You can check out their menu here.
  • To book restaurants in Hongdae at a discount, use WAUG. Download the app here and sign up to get a ₩3,000 or $3 coupon!

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Where to Eat in Hongdae: Restaurants to Try

Hongdae is known for its vibrant scene, but there’s a lot more to this neighborhood than shops, pubs, and folks who are unable to walk straight after midnight. From BBQ joints and dakgalbi restaurants, to traditional Korean houses and places that serve international cuisine, the area is a certified paradise for foodies (which is why I chose to live here!). If you haven’t been to this neighborhood yet or if you’re in search for new dining spots to try, check out this list of Hongdae restaurants (sorted in no particular order):

1. The Dam

Grilled Ginseng Pork.

The Dam is a restaurant in Hongdae that’s on the Blue Ribbon Survey, the local counterpart of Michelin Guide. They serve modern Korean food, which is perfect for first-time visitors who are looking to have a good taste of the city.

The menu items that you can enjoy here are the Charcoal Grilled Ginseng Pork that comes with leaf wraps, as well as their Sirloin Garlic Stem Wrap. They offer various lunch and dinner sets, which come with appetizers, mains, dessert, and a whole lot of side dishes. Expect to have a satisfying meal when you come visit this place.

Find reviews for The Dam and book them at a discount by clicking below:


2. Joseon Era Pub (조선시대 주막)

Makgeolli Set.

Whenever I have friends visiting Seoul for the first time, I always bring them to the Joseon Era Pub in Hongdae. For one, I like the traditional concept of the place. Here you can get the experience of dining in a hanok village, which stands out if you consider the youthful and trendy vibe of Hongdae.

As a resto-pub, Joseon Era Pub will certainly not disappoint. They serve different kinds of makgeolli (Korean rice wine) and soju, which they pair well with tasty fritters, cheesy tteokbokki, and their best-tasting jeon (savory pancakes filled with kimchi or seafood). But, of course, if you’re not a drinker, you can visit the Joseon Era Pub for lunch and enjoy their Jeonju Bibimbap and Spicy Bulgogi Rice meals.

Book this restaurant in Hongdae below:

3. The Grid

Italian restaurant in Hongdae.

If you’re a foreigner living in Korea, then you probably know that there’s a handful of Italian places in Seoul that quite disappoint. I’ve had my fair share of poor dining experiences, but The Grid is an option that I wouldn’t count out — in fact, it’s up on my list. Here they make fresh flatbread pizza, which go well with their perfectly-seasoned cream pasta. Many customers who booked this restaurant in Hongdae here said that the pizza was the clear standout, however I’d also commend the well-appointed dining room and customer service if we were to consider the overall experience.

Book WAUG’s special 2-person set below for only ₩19,000 or $16!

4. Jin Mandu

Simple yet flavorful. This is how Jin Mandu makes their Korean dumplings. The restaurant is popular, cheap, and tiny, which only means that you will most likely have to wait to be seated. Make sure to try both their steamed and fried dumpling variants when you visit!

5. Ichiryu

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2018년 징기스칸 ‘이치류’를 응원해 주신 많은 고객님들께 진심으로 감사의 말씀을 전해드립니다~~~ . 2019년 새해에도 많은 관심과 성원을 부탁드립니다~~ . 새해 복 많이 받으세요~~ 二○一九㊗️🎊🙏🏻 . * 이치류 전매장 1/1(화) 정식영업합니다~~ . #이치류 #一流 #onetop #양심 #홍대명물 #弘大名物 #’弘大美食 #홍대맛집 #양고기맛집 #양갈비맛집 #양꼬치맛집 #양갈비 #미슐랭맛집 #미슐랭가이드#guide.michelin #ミシュランガイド #블루리본서베이 #수요미식회 #수요미식회맛집 #수요미식회양고기맛집 #삿포로 #札幌 #북해도 #홋카이도 #北海道#징기스칸 #ジンギスカン #bbq #JMT #소확행

A post shared by Since 2010 양고기 명가 이치류 (一 流) (@ichiryu123) on

Ichiryu is a Michelin-listed restaurant in Hongdae where you can feast on Sapporo-style grilled Australian lamb. The meat here is tender and tasty, but the way they’ll be cooked in front of you is just as delightful. Definitely one of the places to visit for a chill weekend hangout!

6. Pixxa


Speaking of weekend spots, you can also check out Pixxa, a cozy Hongdae restaurant that consistently makes rounds on social media. Their 18-inch four seasons is a visual delight, but just wait ’til you bite into their pie — it’ll definitely impress! They close at 2am everyday, so if you’re looking to have a night-out with friends, this is where you should eat in Hongdae!

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7. Wine Connection


Wine Connection is where you want to be if you’re looking to have a fancy lunch or dinner. Their elegant space is most ideal if you’re looking for a quiet and intimate spot in Hongdae (yes, such a place exists), and their Seabass and fine selecton of wine will definitely impress. Wine Connection currently has a perfect 5-star rating, and you can book their Seabass Set below at a discount:

8. Pasasa Bistro

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홍대핫플맛집하면 다~~아는 레스토랑 @pa.sa.sa . . 🌈여러분 비가 그치고 날씨가 맑아졋어요~ 홍대에서 데이트 중이거나 소개팅이 계획 중이시라면 코로나로부터 안전하고 음식은 맛과 가성비를 느끼실 수 있는 이곳을 한번 방문해보세요😘 서비스 , 맛 둘다 🍝느껴 보실수 있는 이곳‼️‼️ 파사사 단골이 되실듯🥰🥰🥰 . 서울특별시 마포구 어울마당로133 2층. ☎️02 336 2916

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Looking to have steak in Seoul? Check out this Hongdae restaurant! Pasasa Bistro serves top blade steak, which you can enjoy with wine and their signature spicy rose pasta. If you’ll come with a date, I suggest getting the ₩30,000 cash voucher that you can book below at a 10% discount.

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9. Abiko Test Kitchen

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#아비꼬테스트키친 #그린카레 #블랙카레

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If you’re thinking about visiting Abiko Curry in Hongdae (be it the one inside EXiT Mall or the one in 25 Hongik-ro), then hear me out: you’re better off going to Abiko Test Kitchen in the same area. Not only do they have a cleaner look, they also offer more exciting options like squid ink curry and basil curry, which will be a treat for fans of this Japanese curry franchise! I’d stay away from their fried fish topping just because they don’t taste as fresh as their pork, but overall, it’s a good restaurant to visit.

10. Hong Cup

Even if I didn’t know one of the people who man this chicken-in-a-cup joint, Hong Cup will still have a place in this where-to-eat-in-Hongdae list. This is actually not a proper restaurant (they only have a very small dining space for 3 people behind their kitchen and counter), but this fried chicken spot is definitely a must-visit for foreign visitors. They serve various flavors of fried chix here (like sweet and spicy, garlic, mustard, etc.), which will only set you back ₩3,000 or $2.5 for a small cup. Definitely a good alternative if you don’t want to spend more than ₩10,000 in a proper fried chicken joint! (P.S. Get the cheese.)

11. 943 King’s Cross Cafe

Dragon Leg.

You might have seen photos of this tourist-favorite show up in your Instagram feed, but 943 King’s Cross is more just than the Harry Potter attraction in Seoul. Here they make different kinds of coffee-based and alcoholic beverages, which you can enjoy with their huge Dragon Leg set. If you’re a Potterhead, then you can read this guide about what you can expect on your visit. Otherwise, click below to check out the menu options that you can book online!

12. Hongdae Jopok Tteokbokki

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⠀ 오늘 점심은 조폭떡볶이❤️ 다들 맛점하셔요 🙈 ⠀ ───────────────── ⠀ 🧡5월오픈이벤트🧡 ⠀ Event 1. 알로에젤 or 청결티슈 증정 Event 2. 남/여 겨드랑이 1만원 Event 3. 첫방문 여자 브라질리언 4만원 ⠀ ───────────────── • 꼼꼼하고 깔끔한 시술 • 철저한 위생관리와 노더블딥 • 1:1 맞춤 디자인 • 프라이빗 단독룸 • 샤워실완비 • 홍대입구역 9번출구 연결상가 위치 • 무료주차가능 ⠀ 100%예약제 예약, 문의 카톡 ID : jhwaxing 문자 : 010 3175 2176 AM 11:00 – PM 21:00 ⠀ #홍대왁싱#홍대입구역왁싱#홍대역왁싱샵#홍대왁싱잘하는곳#홍대눈썹왁싱#홍대페이스왁싱#홍대브라질리언#브라질리언왁싱#눈썹디자인왁싱#인중왁싱#팔왁싱#다리왁싱#홍대브로우#브로우왁싱#캐론랩#캐론랩왁싱#남자눈썹왁싱#헤어라인왁싱#구렛나루왁싱#겨드랑이왁싱#홍대헤어라인왁싱#홍대맛집#홍대떡볶이#홍대조폭떡볶이#홍대입구맛집 ⠀

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When you’re looking to get a fill of your favorite Korean streetfood, check out Hongdae Jopok Tteokbokki. This is a no-frills dining spot where you can enjoy tteokbokki, blood sausage, bibimbap, and a warm bowl of ramen at an affordable price. Good place to visit after you indulge yourself in any of the bars in Hongdae!


BONUS: Mono Cheese in Hongdae

A good place to get bagels in South Korea.

Adding this shop in this list of Hongdae restaurants just ‘cuz it’s hard to find bagels in Seoul that are really good! I’d say more, but check out this review instead:

As a New Yorker, I was really craving bagels during my visit to Korea. This place filled my appetite. Very good bagel and cream cheese, perfect for breakfast.

Customer Review for Mono Cheese on WAUG | 2019-10-27 06:10

Find more about this sandwich shop in Hongdae below:

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