Busan Air Cruise: Cable Car Tickets & What to Expect

Explore Busan from 86m above the ground when you book your Busan Air Cruise cable car tickets here! (New users get extra $3 or ₩3,000 off!)

Explore Busan via Cable Car

As a coastal city, Busan offers some of the best nature and seascapes that all kinds of travelers enjoy. From the popular Haeundae Beach and the beloved Igidae nature park, to the Oryukdo group of islands and the Geumjeong Forest, Korea’s second largest city will definitely not fail to impress.

But one of the attractions that I like in this place most is the Busan Air Cruise. Formerly known as the Songdo Marine Cable Car, this is a leisure ride that’ll let you soar over the beautiful Songdo Beach, which is actually Korea’s first public beach! From 86m above ground, you will get a nice view of the Busan city skyline, the Songdo Cloud Walk, Songlim Park, and Mojipo Village, which solo travelers, couples, friends, and families enjoy! Check out one of the reviews left by a WAUG user (translated from Korean):

“It was the best part of my trip to Busan! I took the Crystal Cruise, and it was so fun that my heart was pounding! The view was so beautiful, and I was so satisfied that I wanted to go again.”
김수* | 2019-06-20

Here’s a short video of the Busan Air Cruise cable car experience for you to learn more:

Busan Air Cruise Cable Car Ticket Price

If you plan to experience riding Busan’s scenic cable car, you have two options: the Air Cruise and the Crystal Cruise. The Air Cruise is your general cabin type, while the Crystal Cruise features a transparent floor that’ll let you see the stunning ocean!

Here are the prices for round-trip tickets:

Songdo Marine Cable Car/
Busan Air Cruise
Regular PriceDiscounted Price
1. Air Cruise (에어크루즈)
➡️ Adult (14 years & up)₩15,000₩14,000
➡️ Child (3-13 years old)₩11,000₩10,000
2. Crystal Cruise (크리스탈 크루즈)
➡️ Adult (14 years & up)₩20,000₩19,000
➡️ Child (3-13 years old)₩15,000₩14,000

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How to Book Busan Air Cruise Cable Car Tickets Online

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    • 에어크루즈 – Air Cruise
    • 크리스탈 크루즈 – Crystal Cruise
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  4. Check out using your Visa, Mastercard, or AMEX.
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