Entry of New and Sincere EPS Workers to Korea Halted Due to COVID-19

POEA confirmed that the July 9 entry of Sincere EPS workers will not push through.



  • Sincere workers who are supposed to enter South Korea on July 9 will not be able to proceed as scheduled.
  • HRD Korea has also informed POEA that there’s no entry date yet for newly-hired regular EPS workers.
  • The postponement was made due to the ‘series’ of confirmed COVID-19 cases who are E-9 foreign workers.
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Announcement for EPS Workers

POEA’s Government Placement Branch posted the following on their Facebook page on June 24, 2020: “The government [of the Republic of Korea is taking] the recent series of confirmed COVID-19 cases of E-9 foreign workers who recenly arrived in Korea [seriously]. Hence, the [scheduled entry of] Sincere Workers on July 9 wll not proceed.”

Credit: POEA Government Placement Branch In-Action

“Also, there is no [advice on the entry date] of all EPS regular (new hire) workers [yet]. HRD Korea is awaiting [the] advisory from their government on possible entry dates of EPS workers.”

“For Regular Workers (including those who signed their contracts last February 2020), please continue to monitor your EPS account for CCVI arrival notice.”

What can you do now?

If you’re affected by this news, all we can do now is hope for the best and stay patient. Here’s how you can get some updates:

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2. Follow POEA’s GPB Facebook Page

I encourage you to follow POEA GPB’s Facebook page for OFFICIAL announcements. Here is the link.

3. Keep the dream alive


While the news can be very discouraging to you and a lot of workers, I hope you don’t lose hope! I believe your efforts will not go to waste. When the conditions improve, you’ll be in Korea before you know it.

One way that you can keep yourself busy as you await your departure is by planning your future rest days! Here are some recommendations:

All the best, and stay healthy!

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