15 Things People Pair with Shin Black, World’s Best Instant Noodle

NongShim Shin Black, the Best Instant Noodle according to Wirecutter, is perfect as it is, but there will be times when you just want to change things up a bit. If you get to that point when you want to enhance your bowl’s flavor or just have something else with it, consider these recipes and ideas from folks who seem like they know their Shin Black too well:

1. Pickled Garlic

@crasspants on Twitter: “Threw some pickled garlic into my Shin Black noodle cup and I’m ascending”

2. Corn, peas, garlic, sweet onion, green onion, marinated egg, and pickled ginger


@Ahkaskar on Twitter: “Decided to pick up some pickled ginger for the ramen I’m make. at this point I start with shin ramen black and add: corn, peas, garlic (fresh stuff makes a huge difference!), thin sliced sweet onion, green onion, a marinated egg, and now a bit of pickled ginger”

3. Red pepper

@MeowMia420: “Am I the only person who puts red pepper on their shin ramen black?”

4. Chicken and fried egg

@itsJustinLam: “Shin Ramen Black with chicken and a fried egg and corn”

5. Spam

@DavidKeem: “shin ramen black…with spam :)”

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6. Fresh Miso

@Kimteresting: “I added fresh miso to my shin ramen black and it’s so next level”

7. Imitation Crab

@AlyredTheEvil: “Hi Folks! You can get ALMOST the quality of a good ramen place at home if you start with the right ingredients. Nongshim Shin Ramen Black (Packages, not the cups) have a good solid noodle. Put in a sliced hard boiled egg, some carrots, and some chicken or good imitation crab.”

8. Fried chicken breast and mushrooms

@drakeirving: “Shin Black ramen with fried chicken breast and mushrooms. Oops noodles are buried.”

9. Shiitake mushrooms, green onions, hard boiled egg

@DMasonWest: “Shin Black Ramen noodle soup enhanced with shiitake mushrooms, green onions, and a hard boiled egg. Made a substantial supper.”

10. Ham, poached egg, cheese

@Furybox: “My finished dinner experiment. Shin Black ramen, ham, poached egg, cheese. Spicy breakfast ramen.”

11. Crapton of Sriracha

@lmorchard: “NongShim Shin Black Noodle Soup, Spicy, one egg, one slice of cheese, crapton of Sriracha… I feel like this is extra fancy but i have boiled the noodles while lying on the kitchen floor”

12. Red onions

@beackupburner: self harm is making the shin ramyun black instant noodles and inexplicably putting in red onions and not expecting this to turn your body into a stink machine

13. American cheese

@Brookshiire: “I took my friend’s advice and put american cheese in my shin black noodles. She was right it was life changing.”

14. Cucumber

@naemamaz: “i really NEED shin black noodles with egg, kimchi, cucumbers, & green onions so bad”

15. 😱

@MythicalChef: Shin Ramyun Black buns. Gochujang candied bacon. Kkakdugi special sauce. Bulgogi burgers. Kimchi infused American cheese. This is the Spicy Bacon Ramen Big Mac, and it’s @McDonalds #futurefastfood.

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