How to Fill Out: Schedule of Stay in Japan [Sample]


Need help in accomplishing the Schedule of Stay form for your Japan visa application? Download the template and check out our sample itineraries for Tokyo and Osaka below!



  • The Schedule of Stay, which is also referred to as the Taizai Yoteihyo or your itinerary in Japan, is part of the visa requirements for Filipino travelers.
  • It is a document that shows the dates of your trip, planned activities, accommodation, and contact number/s. This information will be used by the Embassy to determine your period of stay.
  • While the goal of submitting an accomplished Japan itinerary form is to show your activities as a temporary visitor, you need not include the full details of your trip, such as where you plan to eat or shop.
  • The Embassy of Japan in the Philippines has provided a downloadable template with sample itineraries. The link is provided below.
  • If you need help in creating a Schedule of Stay for Tokyo or Osaka, below we’ve provided some activities and attractions that you may consider including in your itinerary.
  • You can also easily book the best experiences in Japan with WAUG — the No. 1 travel activity booking platform from South Korea! Get a discount on your first booking when you download the app and sign up here.

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Download the Schedule of Stay Form

First things first! Click below to get the Schedule of Stay template (.doc) that’s provided by the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines.

How to Fill Out: Daily Schedule of Stay in Japan 

When you open the .doc file, you should see a blank itinerary template on the first page, followed by two samples provided by the Embassy. Here’s how I filled out the form (For emphasis, I used red text, but be sure to use black.):


Date Header (Year-Month-Day)

Indicate the date when you make the itinerary or plan to submit your Japan visa application. Use this format: YYYY.MM.DD

For example, if you plan to accomplish your Schedule of Stay on December 15, 2020, you can write 2020.12.15. If it is January 23, 2021, you can type in 2021.01.23. 

Name of Japan Visa Applicant

For the part that says The schedules of stay in Japan of the visa applicant and others are as follows, you simply have to squeeze in your name and the number of people who will travel with you under the same itinerary, if applicable.

Since I plan to travel alone, I tweaked the format a bit to The schedule of stay in Japan of [NAME] is as follows


Under the Date column of the Japan visa itinerary form, type in the dates of your travel, starting from when you expect to enter Japan through your departure date. You can use the format YYYY.MM.DD for consistency.

Since the goal of this exercise is to show your planned activities as a tourist, it is best not to skip any date even if you have nothing planned yet.

Activity Plan

List down the places that you plan to visit in Japan, as well as the activities, attractions, and/or tours that you are planning to book. Your answers here may be tentative, but make sure to take advantage of this portion of the Schedule of Stay to prove that you will travel to Japan for sightseeing. Moreover, you don’t have to supply the full details of your itinerary. Having 2-3 entries per date will do.


For this part of the Japan visa itinerary form, you may put the contact number of the accommodation that you plan to stay in. If you’ll travel extensively (e.g. Tokyo to Osaka) and plan to book 2 properties, make sure to provide their respective details.

Since I can still be reached via my mobile number in the Philippines (my plan is to rent this pocket Wifi!), I also included this information.


Type in the name of the hotel that you plan to book and their address. Use ‘Same as above’ for the dates that you intend to stay in this property.

Sample Osaka Itinerary for Japan Visa Applicants

To help you fill out the Schedule of Stay in Japan, here are some of the popular activities and attractions in Osaka that you may want to consider:


Abeno Harukas 300 Observatory 

Enjoy a breathtaking 360-degree view of Osaka at the Abeno Harukas 300 Observatory. Tickets cost around ₱870 each, but you may check here if WAUG offers a discounted price!

WAUG Exclusive: Akiba Kart Osaka

Traveling with your family? Get to Namba, Dotonbori, Osaka Tower, and more aboard a go-kart for a one-of-a-kind experience! Available packages include the 1-hour and 2-hour rides, which start at ₱3,030, if not discounted. Learn more about the Akiba Kart Osaka (and costume-rental!) here.

Hep Five Ferris Wheel & the Osaka Castle via Osaka Amazing Pass

If you’ll travel with your friends, it’s best to get the money-saving Osaka Amazing Pass, which grants automatic individual access to attractions like the Osaka Castle, Hep Five Ferris Wheel, Umeda Sky Building, and more! WAUG offers the 1-day or 2-day Osaka Amazing Pass at a reduced price here and you may even get more discounts if you’re a first-time user!

Spa World, Osaka

How about some time to unwind? If you want to gain a relaxing experience, be sure to visit this majestic spa paradise that houses two onsens and a swimming area! Admission for adults starts at around ₱800 only. You may book Spa World in Osaka here.

Universal Studios Japan™

Spend the day at Universal Studios Japan™ where you can enter the worlds of Harry Potter, Spiderman, Jurassic Park, Jaws, Terminator, Shrek, and more! You can easily book an Express Pass here to visit all the exciting attractions.

Sample Tokyo Itinerary for Japan Visa Applicants

Here are some of the things to do in Tokyo that you can consider adding to your Schedule of Stay in Japan:


WAUG Exclusive: Tokyo Odaiba TeamLab Borderless

With over 2.3 million visitors since its opening, TeamLab Borderless has become quite the must-visit attraction in Osaka. Families and friends will enjoy the mysterious art displays here, which are interactive and very Insta-worthy! Check out WAUG’s discounted ticket price for TeamLab Borderless here.

Tokyo Disneyland® & DisneySea

No Tokyo trip is complete without a visit to Tokyo Disneyland®! If you’re a fan of The Little Mermaid, you must also not miss the Mermaid Lagoon Theater in DisneySea. Check out how much the Express Entry (QR Code) costs here.

Tokyo Skytree® Observation Deck

Known as the tallest free-standing tower to date, Tokyo Skytree® offers superb views of the Tokyo cityline and even Mount Fuji! Get to the top of the tower by booking your ticket with WAUG here.

Asakusa, Odaiba, and Roppongi via the Hop-On Hop-Off Sightseeing Bus

Take this budget-friendly sightseeing bus to get to Tokyo’s famous attractions such as Asakusa, Odaiba, and Roppongi! For a day, you can get access to this hop-on, hop-off bus, which provides a magnificent sweeping view of the city (an experience in itself!). Tickets cost ₱1,700 each, but you can book with WAUG here to get a discount!

Tokyo Pub Crawl

Solo travelers and Travel BFF’s, this one is for you! Experience the night scene in Tokyo by participating in this popular tour that’ll take you to a variety of the best local bars in one exciting night! You can check out the full details and itinerary here.


Creating your Schedule of Stay for Okinawa and Hokkaido?

If you’re planning an itinerary for other exciting destinations in Japan like Okinawa, Hokkaido, Fukuoka, Kyushu, and others, do download the WAUG app here to browse the best activities in these areas!

All the best!

If you have any input to share on how to fill out the Schedule of Stay or the Japan visa itinerary form (Taizai Yoteihyo), do let us know by adding a comment below. We hope your application turns out successful!

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