Meet the Best Hand Cream from Korea: lalafranc Hand Cream

Can’t travel to Seoul yet to buy quality hand lotions? Korean beauty brand lalafranc, which is available in Lazada, lets you purchase hand creams for shipping in Southeast Asia!

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  • Lalafranc’s hand creams have gained popularity in South Korea and Southeast Asia for its nonsticky and paraben-free formula.
  • The hand care essential has shea butter to moisturize dry hands, adenosine to treat wrinkles, and oregano to enhance skin tone.
  • Comes in 3 unisex scents that are inspired by Korean’s love for niche fragrances: Undefined, Eau Nerolia, and Cozy Mood.
  • Lalafranc’s hand creams are available in Lazada: Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.

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Introducing lalafranc’s Hand Cream

When it comes to cosmetics, products from Korea have long been preferred internationally. From skincare to make-up, brands like Innisfree, TONYMOLY, and Missha are already considered household names ’round the globe. And as we deal with COVID-19, a time that pushed everyone to take care of their health, we turn to the same country for products that will help us improve our hand hygiene — an effective measure to keep us protected from the virus.

While handwashing is our best defense, the ritual can also cause dryness and dullness to the skin. This is why we looked for the best Korean hand cream to keep our skin moisturized and nourished, something that lalafranc’s Hand Cream collection does perfectly. Have a look at its formula below:

1. Paraben-free Hand Cream from Korea

Before we talk about the good stuff, it’s worth pointing out at this point that lalafranc Hand Creams are rid of any harmful ingredients to the skin! Their formula does not have any parabens, phenoxyethanol, and non-natural pigments, which means that it’s safe for regular and frequent use!

2. Rich in shea butter

The main component of lalafranc’s Hand Creams is shea butter, so if you’re looking for a Korean hand cream that will keep your hands soft and moisturized even with frequent hand washing, this is the definitely the tube for you.

3. Infused with Eosongcho, adenosine, and a Natural Protector Complex


And now, for the stuff that makes this the best Korean hand cream! Lalafranc’s Undefined, Eau Nerolia, and Cozy Mood hand lotions are formulated with these special ingredients

  • Eosongcho or Hottuynia cordata – calms and refreshes the skin
  • Adenosine – helps treat signs of aging, like wrinkles!
  • Natural Protector Complex – an enriching component made with 7 quality ingredients like oregano to enhance skin tone!

(Lalafranc’s hand creams are certified in South Korea as an anti-wrinkle product, thanks to its adenosine-filled formula.)

4. Non-greasy and fast-absorbing

The ingredients may be great, but how about the texture and feel of the actual cream? Aside from being rich and emollient, I found that after testing the product, lalafranc’s hand creams don’t have the stickiness! Just apply a sufficient amount to your skin, and you’ll be all set to continue your work since it dries fast!

5. With scents inspired by Seoul

Another thing that COVID-19 pushed us to do is to stay home, so if you’re not in Korea right now but want to be reminded of the urban scent of Seoul, the refreshing smell of Korea’s nature parks, or the nice coffeeshops in the country, you’ll be able to feel like you’re in Korea when you apply lalafranc’s hand cream!

Here are the niche unisex scents that you can choose from:

  • Undefined Hand Cream – urban and chic wood sage scent
  • Eau Nerolia Hand Cream – refreshing citrus and floral fragrance; also reminiscent of San Francisco
  • Cozy Mood – calming woody scent for men and women

(Undefined and Eau Nerolia are also used in lalafranc’s Hand Wash collection!)

Where to Buy lalafranc’s Hand Creams Online

If you’re based in Korea, you can visit (Korean site) to purchase your hand cream.

If you’re in Southeast Asia, you can buy from lalafranc’s Official Store in Lazada. (They’ll open a store in Shopee and other channels soon!) Here are the links for Lazada:

All products sold in Lazada are shipped directly from Seoul, South Korea!

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