Korean Hand Care: Follow This 2-Step Routine For Soft & Healthy Hands

Lalafranc, a lifestyle beauty brand from South Korea, has a hand care collection that effectively protects and moisturizes hands. Check them out on Lazada & Shopee here.


  • Aside from skin care, Koreans also pay good attention to their hands.
  • After washing or sanitizing, many prefer to apply a delicately-perfumed hand cream to keep hands hydrated and smelling fresh.
  • Lalafranc’s hand cream and hand wash formulas are made with natural ingredients and have perfect moisturizing effects to keep hands soft and supple.
  • The Korean brand is available offline at Thingool stores in Seoul. They also offer domestic delivery via lalafranc.com as well as international delivery via Lazada and Shopee.

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Korean Hand Care Routine: Simple Steps to Keep Hands Young

Cosmetics from Korea, especially the ones applied to the face, mainly help maintain the youthful glow and healthy condition of the skin. The same is true with Korean hand care. Especially after the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many people started to use products like hand creams, hand washes, and sanitizers to keep hands hydrated, supple, and healthy.

If you too are looking to take care of your hands much better, or are looking for Korean hand care products that will help moisturize your dry hands, check out our guide below for some tips:

Indoor Korean Hand Care Routine

For those who are spending most of their day at home or in the office, the ritual is simple: wash regularly and moisturize. All you need is a good hand wash and a hand cream.

Step 1: Hand Wash

For thorough cleansing, we recommend lalafranc’s Hand Wash, which is safe for regular use. Since it is made with natural ingredients like oregano, white willow bark, cypress leaves, and Eosongcho (helps calm the skin), you will not have to worry about harming or irritating your hands even if you use it frequently. The formula also features a plant-based anionic surfactant, which makes the hand soap foamy and delightfully silky.

Moreover, for a touch of luxe, the hand wash is also delicately infused with a scent: Undefined, a chic wood sage fragrance that’s reminiscent of Seoul’s urban charm; and Eau Nerolia, a refreshing floral citrus scent inspired by the gardens at The Presidio of San Francisco.

Step 2: Hand Cream

The next step after washing is to apply a hand cream. This helps make hands soft and supple, but lalafranc’s formula goes beyond by adding anti-bacterial and anti-aging components. It’s infused with adenosine, a wrinkle-fighting component that helps hands look young, as well as a patented Natural Protector Complex that fights germs and helps in skin regeneration.

Outdoor Korean Hand Care Routine

If you’re always out and about or usually take public transportation to get to places, then make sure to have the following packed in your bag or purse: hand sanitizer and hand cream. (While hand washing is recommended, if you can’t access running water easily, then hand sanitizers are excellent alternatives.)

Step 1: Hand Sanitizer

Korean sanitizers, as expected, go above and beyond. The good ones eliminate 99.9% of germs, but lalafranc’s sanitizers, which have aloe vera, rosemary, mugwort, and green tea extracts, not only kill bacteria but also help moisturize the skin. Moreover, it comes in two scents (Undefined and Eau Nerolia), so instead of the pungent alcohol smell, you’ll feel refreshed with lalafranc’s niche fragrances that are loved by men and women.

Step 2: Hand Cream

korea hand cream

Similar to the indoor hand care routine, you’d also want to apply a hand cream after sanitizing or whenever your hands feel rough and dry (especially if it gets cold out). Lalafranc’s hand creams come in a portable size, so it’ll fit pockets, purses, and bags perfectly.


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