Things to Know About Korea’s Visa Grant Notice: How to Check & Print

In lieu of a label or sticker on the passport, those who need a visa to enter South Korea will be issued a Visa Grant Notice.



  • Effective July 1, 2020, all Korean embassies will no longer attach visa stickers in passports. Those who need a visa to visit Korea will be provided a Visa Grant Notice instead.
  • This document will show the foreigner’s visa status and validity period. The holder must present a printed copy to the Immigration officer upon entry.
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What’s a Visa Grant Notice?

Sample notice of visa grant. Credit: Korea Visa Portal

If you need a visa to enter South Korea and your application is approved, the Embassy will no longer attach a sticker or label in your passport. Instead, you will be given a Visa Grant Notice.

The Visa Grant Notice is a document that will have your personal details, like your name, nationality, and passport number. It will also show essential information, such as the visa category you applied for, your allowable period of stay, number of entries (single or multiple), and others. You will have to download the Visa Grant Notice, print it out, and present to the Immigration officer upon your arrival.

How to Check, Download, & Print Your Visa Grant Notice

The Korean Embassy that received your application will most likely notify you when your Visa Grant Notice is available. However, if you can’t wait to know if your application is approved (or if you would like to access your visa grant notice), you can always check the Korea Visa Portal. Here are the steps:

1. Visit the Korea Visa Portal

Click this link:

If the page is not automatically showing in English, find the language selector in the upper right portion of the screen.

Screenshot of the Korea Visa Portal.

2. Find Check Application Status in the right sidebar

Screenshot of the Korea Visa Portal.

When you hover over Check Application Status, a sub-menu will show. Click the first item or Check Application Status & Print, as shown in the photo. You will be redirected to a new page.

3. Provide your passport number and personal information

Screenshot of the Korea Visa Portal.

Here you’ll have to provide three things: your passport number, name in English, and date of birth.

When keying in your name, you’ll have to follow this format: [LAST FIRST]. For example, if your name is Ethan Anderson, type ANDERSON ETHAN. If your full name is Harmony Ashley S. Nam (with ‘S’ being your middle initial), you’ll have to key in NAM HARMONY ASHLEY. The format is the same as when you’re checking the status of your application, as I outlined in this guide: How to Check: Korean Visa Application Status & Result

When you’re done, hit Search.

4. Click the ‘Certificate’ Button

Screenshot of the Korea Visa Portal.

If your application has been processed and approved, you will find a Certificate button on the lower right portion of the search result. Click this to view, download, and print your Korean Visa Grant Notice.

If you’re seeing a different result or no result at all, this guide may help.

5. Print your Visa Grant Notice

Before you fly into South Korea, make sure to have a hard copy of your Korean visa grant notice. You may print it in color or black-and-white. (I suggest having at least 3 copies for back-up and sending a copy to your email for quick reference.) You will be required to present the document to Immigration upon your arrival.

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To check the official guidelines in accessing, verifying, and downloading the Korean Visa Grant Notice, click here.

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  1. How if we already have a multiple visa in our passport? Should we print also the granted visa? Or should we apply a new visa again?

    1. Hi Ana, I believe so. You will have to print your visa grant notice even if you have the sticker. The announcement on the Visa Grant Notice says this: “Also, all visa holders are required to present the document to immigration officers during immigration clearance.”

  2. Hi, in relation to the question above.. I already have multiple entry visa prior to 1 Jul 2020 which is valid until 2029.. so i still need to print the Visa Grant Notice? but upon checking the status of my visa online, it has “cancel” status .. do you have any idea about this?