Working in Korea Under the Seasonal Worker Program

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The Seasonal Worker Program, which is an initiative of South Korea’s local government units, invites Filipinos to work in the fishing and agricultural industries for 3-5 months.

Colorful fishing boats in South Korea.

If you want to work abroad, specifically in South Korea, you may want to consider signing up for their Seasonal Worker Program. Below you will find the details about this opportunity, but you may also read the following guides that may help you in your employment search:

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What is the Seasonal Worker Program?

The Seasonal Worker Program or SWP is an initiative of South Korea’s local governments. It aims to invite, recruit, and bring skilled workers to Korea for employment in the fishing and agricultural industry.

The contract will only last for 3-5 months, but it can be a very lucrative opportunity for Filipinos.

What is the application process?

The SWP is maintained by the local governments in Korea and the local governments in the Philippines. This means that you do not need an employment agency or middleman other than your local government to join the program.

Your city or municipality in the Philippines will announce the program and job openings when they become available. Your local government will be in charge of the selection process, and candidates will be chosen according to skill and experience.

To reiterate, no agency, group, or middleman (other than those working for your city or municipality) can recruit applicants for the Seasonal Worker Program. Any non-governmental organization or individual that claims to recruit for SWP is most likely a fraud.

What type of Korean visa is required to join the SWP?

Filipinos who will be selected to participate in the Seasonal Worker Program may apply for a C-4 Visa (valid up to 90 days) or the E-8 visa (valid up to 5 months).

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Contributed by ManilaxSeoul