5 Job Sites to Visit If You’re Looking for Work in South Korea

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This is Part 2 of our Direct Hire OFW (non-agency) series. If you haven’t read Part 1 yet, you can do so here: How to Work in South Korea as a Direct Hire Worker (No Agency)

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In my previous article, I shared an overview of how you can find work in South Korea as a direct-hire OFW. Many readers have asked me about Step 2 (finding an employer), so I thought of sharing an article that lists the job sites where you can find employment opportunities as a professional or skilled worker. There are many more websites out there, but I chose the 5 that most helped me. (Before you dive into the list, I hope you can take time to sign up on WAUG — the No. 1 travel and restaurant booking app in South Korea! You can sign up here. It’s free and fun to use!)

1. LinkedIn (English)

While LinkedIn is not solely dedicated for job opportunities in South Korea, it’s a platform that can help you look for openings in the country. If you haven’t tried yet, just go to linkedin.com/jobs and set the location to South Korea, as shown below:

Screengrab from LinkedIn

2. Xpat Jobs (English)

As the website’s name suggests, Xpat Jobs helps people find work abroad. Similar to LinkedIn, it’s not a platform that’s exclusively showing jobs in South Korea, but it’s got updated listings in places like Seoul, as you will see here: https://korea.xpatjobs.com/

3. JobKorea (Korean)

This website lists job opportunities from small companies as well as conglomerates. The platform is in Korean, but you can easily translate it to English if you’re using Google Chrome. Since the portal primarily targets local jobseekers, you won’t find a lot of opportunities for foreigners here. However, I still encourage you to visit the site so you can see the qualifications that companies are looking for: https://www.jobkorea.co.kr/

4. Saramin (Korean)


This is one is similar to #3, but it’s still worth checking out: https://www.saramin.co.kr/

5. RocketPunch (Korean)

If you’re looking for startup job opportunities in South Korea, RocketPunch may just be the site for you: https://www.rocketpunch.com/

How to Make the Most of Your Time in South Korea

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If you’ll work in Korea, make sure to visit the following:

While you’re waiting in the Philippines, you can also use WAUG to book exciting activities in these areas:

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