Underrated? Reviews for ‘Introverted Boss’ Say So, and They’re Absolutely Right

Introverted Boss is a K-Drama on Netflix that stars Yeon Woo-jin and Park Hye-su. The first episode aired on tvN on January 2017.



  • Still thinking if you should watch the office-themed K-Drama Introverted Boss on Netflix? You’re better off seeing Episode 1 right now.
  • Popularity-wise, it may not be on the top of the list, but the rom-com depicts relatable themes like forgiving one’s self, embracing one’s identity, and giving people (who aren’t like you) a chance.
  • In terms of social ratings, Introverted Boss has 7.3/10 on IMDb, 8/10 on MyDramaList, and 89/100 on AsianWiki.
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Introverted Boss

Introverted Boss (aka My Shy Boss or 내성적인 보스) is a tvN office-themed K-Drama that stars Yeon Woo-jin and Park Hye-su, who played the lead roles of Eun Hwan-gi and Chae Ro-woon. Episode 1 aired on January 2017 and the series has 16 episodes in total. Here’s our unofficial synopsis of Introverted Boss:

Despite being the CEO of a huge and reputable public relations company, Eun Hwan-gi shies away from all sorts of social interaction. His lack of visibility makes many of his employees regard him as incompetent and apathetic. When a tragic death befalls the workplace, Hwan-gi decides to lock himself up completely, making him a recluse in his own company and society.

Chae Ro-woon decides to join Hwan-gi’s firm with a certain agenda: to find out why her sister died in the company. She meets Hwan-gi and becomes entangled in his affairs. Along with her co-workers, they form a subsidiary called Silent Monster, which helped Hwan Gi open himself up and Ro-woon understand the reason behind her sister’s death.

Unofficial synopsis for Introverted Boss

Viewers’ Reviews for Introverted Boss

What did some of the viewers say about Introverted Boss? Take a look at some we found on Twitter:

The two-part tweet from @KONGCHACHACHA, which I edited, reads: I’m rewatching Introverted Boss or My Shy Boss, and, honestly, it’s such a good drama. It’s probably one of my favorites in the world. It explains really well the problems of an introverted, social, and anxious person and the reasons why they act so weird — because they are scared too much about everything (and I speak from personal experience). It’s refreshing to see the kind, introverted lead and his journey to overcoming his problem (social anxiety, not introversion because it’s NOT a problem. It’s a personality trait, okay?)

Retweeting the tweet that says “Unpopular opinion: K-dramas edition”, user @FAMILLENIUM adds “Introverted Boss deserves recognition.”

(Comment below if you know which K-Drama is the GIF of Yoo Seung-ho from!)

“Yeon Woo-jin really did shine in Introverted Boss. That was an amazing performance…”

Twitter user @kdramasrelated gives the K-Drama a 10/10 and highlights the following:

  • A CEO who is extremely shy, so his employees do not know him well.
  • One of his female employees is so energetic, and she wants to reveal who her boss really is.
  • I love their chemistry.
  • A lot of funny scenes

Of course, there were some viewers who expressed dislike on the K-Drama. Here’s the tweet from @DramaCurrent, who responds to @stinna03’s query: Hi @stinna03, tough question. Come Back Mister & The Best Hit were great. Introverted Boss & Sassy Girl bombed, so I don’t recommend them. I didn’t hear feedback on Witch at Court or Strongest Delivery. I have a soft spot for #WooDoHwan, so I probably liked Mag Dog more than most.

Who are the actors in Introverted Boss?

Let’s take a look at the cast of this K-Drama!

Yeon Woo-jin.
Park Hye-su.
Yoon Park.
  • Yeon Woo-jin as Eun Hwan-gi
  • Park Hye-soo as Chae Ro-woon
  • Yoon Park as Kang Woo-il
  • Gong Seung-yeon as Eun Yi-soo
  • Ye Ji-won as Dang Yoo-hee
  • Heo Jung-min as Eom Sunbong
  • Jun Hyo-seong as Kim Gyori
  • Han Jae-suk as Jang Sejong

Introverted Boss Filming Locations

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In South Korea, Introverted Boss has episodes shot in Ihwa Mural Village, Conrad Hotel Seoul, and Haneul Park. They also went to Club Med Cherating in Malaysia to film. If you plan to travel to these countries in the future as well, take a look at the activities that WAUG offers here! 😃

Is Introverted Boss on Netflix?

Yes, it is! Here’s a screenshot of Introverted Boss on Netflix:

Screenshot of ‘Introverted Boss’ on Netflix

Please remember that availability of content changes depending on the region, so Introverted Boss may not be viewable in your area.

Preview: Introverted Boss Episode Highlights

Before watching the full episodes of Introverted Boss, get a feel of the K-Drama by watching these clips!

Introverted Boss OST

The song is called One More Step and is sung by Sandeul of B1A4.

Introverted Boss EP. 1: The Phantom of the Opera

Introverted Boss EP. 2: I’m Sorry, I Cannot Apologize

Introverted Boss EP. 5: The Unspeakable Secret of 3 Years Ago

Introverted Boss EP. 7: The Dignity of a Supporting Role

Introverted Boss EP. 8: Unsocial Sociability, Immanuel Kant

Introverted Boss EP. 9: If You Listen

Introverted Boss EP. 12: The Difficulty of Doing Nothing

Introverted Boss EP. 13: Confession

Introverted Boss EP. 14: My Funny Valentine

Introverted Boss EP. 15: One Reason That More Important Than Any Reason

Introverted Boss EP. 16: It’s Okay To Be Introvert

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