This Hand Sanitizer from Korea Kills Bacteria Without Drying Your Hands

Made with aloe vera and rosemary, lalafranc’s Moisturizing Sanitizer wards off 99% of germs without drying your hands. Shop your new daily protection for only ₩8,000 here!

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Protect & Moisturize with Lalafranc’s Sanitizer

We found it. A hand sanitizer that’s tough on germs and gentle on the skin. For the longest time, we were limited by the basic formula that easily dries hands, so when we found out about lalafranc’s Moisturizing Sanitizer (라라프랑 새니타이저), we were so thrilled! This product really goes above and beyond, which is something that can always be expected of Korean cosmetics. Here are some of the things that we love about it:

1. Effectively eliminates bacteria without causing dry hands

Like most sanitizers do, Lalafranc’s sanitizer sprays kill 99% of bacteria and germs. So how exactly does it stand out? The Korean brand’s formula has aloe vera and rosemary, which is known to provide excellent moisturizing effects. The rosemary ingredient also gives a healing sensation so your skin gets soothed as it is being cleansed.

2. Made with more gentle, natural ingredients

Aside from rosemary and aloe vera, this sanitizer spray is also made with mugwort, which protects the skin from wrinkle formation and irritation. Mugwort is also rich in beta-carotene, which prevents aging and maintains energized skin.

3. Delicately scented for men and women

If you’re like us who’s not a fan of the pungent alcohol smell, then you’ll love lalafranc’s Moisturizing Sanitizers. Their products come in two gender-neutral scents: Undefined and Eau Nerolia. Undefined, the brand’s signature fragrance, is a chic wood sage scent that perfectly captures Seoul’s urban charm, while Eau Nerolia is a floral and citrus scent that’s very refreshing and elegant.

4. Powerful sanitizer spray

Another thing that we love about these moisturizing sanitizers is that they come in smart and sleek nano-spray bottles. Each pump is designed to release the sufficient amount of spray that eliminates germs throughly and rapidly.

5. Certified quasi-drug in South Korea

A quasi-drug is a cross between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. With lalafranc’s quasi-drug certification in South Korea, you can be assured that you’re getting the sanitizing and moisturizing effects of the product!

Where to Shop lalafranc’s Sanitizer Sprays

Currently, lalafranc’s Moisturizing Sanitizers are only available in South Korea. Here’s where you can get them:

1. Online Stores

    • You can purchase from the brand’s official website here, and new customers will receive a ₩3,000 coupon after signing up! (Note that the store is only available in Korean language, so you may need to use a web translator if you don’t know how to read Korean yet. 😉)

2. Offline Stores

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