This Korean Hand Cream for Dry Hands Moisturizes & Treats Signs of Aging

Take good care of your hands with lalafranc’s hand cream. Shop today in South Korea or via Shopee and Lazada here! ($1 off your first purchase! 🎉)


  • Got no proper hand care routine yet? After washing, make sure to use a hand cream to keep your hands against dryness and irritation.
  • Lalafranc, a lifestyle brand from South Korea, has a hand cream formula that moisturizes dry skin, protects against inflammation and bacteria, and nourishes with natural ingredients.
  • Their hand cream has adenosine that helps fight wrinkles and infused with the brand’s niche fragrances for men and women.
  • Shop lalafranc in Korea via and Naver or in Southeast Asia via Lazada and Shopee.

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Hands Down, the Best Hand Cream for Dry Hands

When the skin is thirsty, it never looks or feels good. When hands are not properly moisturized after washing, during the cold weather, or, as in my case, after lifting weights, the skin easily dries and callouses show up. It will start to feel rough, which is quite embarrassing to look at and hold.

Without a proper hand care routine, this is what I’ve experienced. I got calloused “gym hands” and cracked skin, which became more serious as I washed and sanitized more frequently. I was not really into using hand creams or hand lotions before since most products leave a sticky feeling. However, when my hands started to dry up, I knew I had to do something about it. I searched for a gentle, moisturizing, and natural hand cream for dry hands, and I stumbled upon lalafranc, a minimalist cosmetics brand from South Korea. Among all the products that they have, I fell in love most with their hand cream for reasons that I’ll share below:

1. It effectively moisturizes and calms hands

Lalafranc’s hand cream formula is packed with shea butter to repair dry hands. This is an ingredient that’s known to make hands soft, helps treat eczema or dermatitis, relieve itch, as well as promote skin regeneration. For my dry hands, lalafranc’s Undefined hand cream got rid of the irritated, dehydrated, and calloused spots within 5 days (just once or twice a day of application). For the mid to high-range price tag of the product, this alone made me feel good about my purchase. It’s definitely worth it!

But more than a hand cream that hydrates dry hands, I also like that the formula has Eosongcho or Hottuynia cordata, a natural ingredient that helps to relax hands. As someone who’s always on-the-go, applying a soothing hand cream is the best thing that I can do for my tired skin as it helps maintain its health and supple look.

2. Non-sticky and quick-absorbing hand cream

For someone who’s lived in Southeast Asia, I wasn’t used to applying hand cream or lotion. Most products left my hands with a greasy feeling, which is the last thing you’d want when it’s hot out. But as with most Korean brands, you can expect a hand cream from Korea to be different. I’d have to give it to lalafranc for coming up with a fast-absorbing and non-sticky formula that leaves no grease on devices and surfaces, which is perfect for someone like me who’s always hitting my keyboard or holding my phone.

3. With adenosine to treat signs of aging

korea hand cream

I’ve heard many people say that your hands reveal your age. As a guy, I don’t really mind if my hands age naturally, but I think it’d be quite nice if I can keep the healthy and supple look. Lalafranc’s hand cream is infused with adenosine, so if you want to keep that youthful and wrinkle-free look on your hands, this is definitely a great feature!

4. Delicately scented for that instant mood booster

Lalafranc’s moisturizing hand creams come in three elegant and subtle scents: Undefined, Eau Nerolia, and Cozy Mood. The creams take after lalafranc’s gender-neutral fragrance collection, which I’ll share more about below (You can also learn more on lalafranc’s English website here.):

  • Undefined. This is lalafranc’s signature scent for men and women. It has notes of French lavender, bergamot, and sage, which gives that chic, modern, and urban feel that’s reminiscent of Seoul. This is the one I tried first and it does evoke that pleasant wood sage fragrance.
  • Eau Nerolia. This is the brand’s bestselling Eau de Parfum. It has citrus and floral notes, which give that refreshing feel that men and women love. It’s inspired by neroli and would make you feel like you’re in San Francisco.
  • Cozy Mood. This is lalafranc’s relaxing woody scent for men and women. With notes of cedarwood, I thought my female friends wouldn’t like the Cozy Mood scent as much as I do, but it turns out that it does have a gender-neutral allure. This is the hand cream that I use just before sleeping and the scent really helps me relax.

5. Paraben-free hand cream for dry hands

So far, we know that lalafranc’s hand cream moisturizes dry skin, calms tired hands, leaves no stickiness, helps treat wrinkles, and pleases the senses with 3 different scents. With all these good stuff, like me, you may be wondering if it’s safe for regular use. It turns out that lalafranc’s hand cream formula does not have any parabens, phenoxyethanol, and other artificial pigments so you can apply the hand cream regularly with no worries.

Shop lalafranc’s Hand Cream for Dry Hands

Here are the ways you can get your hands on lalafranc:

1. South Korea

If you’re in South Korea, you can get your Undefined, Eau Nerolia, or Cozy Mood Hand Cream delivered to you via and Musinsa. You can also visit Thingool Stores in Sinchon, Seongsu, and other locations.

2. Lazada or Shopee

If you’re in Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand, you can shop lalafranc via Lazada and Shopee here.

Have a happy hand care routine!


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