6 Things Hotels in the Philippines CANNOT Do Under Community Quarantine

Whether you need to book a room or work in the industry, make sure to note these guidelines from the PH Department of Tourism.



  • Hotels and similar establishments that are located in ECQ, MECQ, and GCQ zones will not be able to offer housekeeping and room services.
  • Those that will transition to the Modified General Community Quarantine will have looser restrictions and will be able to accept bookings from tourists.
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Community Quarantine Guidelines for Hotel Operations

What is this? This is a directive provided by the Department of Tourism (DOT) of the Philippines, otherwise known as Administrative Order No. 2020-002: Guidelines on the Operations of Hotels and Other Accommodation Establishments Under a Community Quarantine. It seeks to provide operational guidelines for accommodation establishments that are located in areas placed under the ECQ, MECQ, GCQ, and MGCQ. The order covers the following:

  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • Apartment hotels
  • Tourist inns
  • Motels
  • Pension houses
  • Private homes used for homestay
  • Ecolodges
  • Serviced apartments
  • Condotels
  • Bed and breakfast facilities; and the like

Here’s a rundown of what these establishments are not able to do:

1. They cannot operate without a DOT Certificate.


Hotels in all types of Community Quarantine zones that plan to resume operations, be it for lodging or F&B services (includes takeaway and delivery), must secure a DOT Certificate of Authority to Operate. Here’s how to apply:

  • Submit a letter of intent. It must indicate the intended business undertaking, be it accommodation, food services, or both.
  • If applicable, fill out the DOT Accreditation Form and submit supporting documents. This is for businesses that are not yet accredited by the Department of Tourism.

Once the requirements are complete, they may be forwarded to the DOT office that has jurisdiction of the business’ location.

Hotels and similar businesses that will resume operations without a DOT Certificate of Authority to Operate may be penalized.

2. They cannot accept room bookings from leisure travelers.


Hotels that are in GCQ, ECQ, and MECQ zones will only be able to accept room bookings from people who are under any of the following categories:

  • Guests who had existing bookings for any accommodation within Luzon (from March 17) or outside Luzon (from May 1st)
  • Foreigners who are in transit or temporary stay
  • Long-staying guests
  • Distressed OFW (or Overseas Filipino Workers who are eligible to avail of accommodation assistance from OWWA)
  • Repatriated OFW
  • Non-OFW who are required to undergo quarantine
  • Stranded passengers
  • Healthcare workers, frontliners, and critical services workers
  • Government employees, including those working for a GOCC or LGU

When the hotel is placed under Modified General Community Quarantine or MGCQ, they will be allowed to accept room bookings from all guests, including those who intend to stay for work or leisure. However, they can only do so provided that they do not go beyond their 50% operational capacity.

3. They cannot provide room service.


This guideline applies to accommodation establishments that are in ECQ, MECQ, and GCQ zones only.

4. They are unable to do daily housekeeping.


For hotels that are under quarantine excluding the MGCQ type, they can only clean and sanitize room if necessary.

5. They cannot operate and offer hotel amenities.


For lodging establishments under ECQ, MECQ, and GCQ, they are not able to open their restaurant outlets, cafes, bars, gyms, spas, and similar amenities. However, they may prepare packed meals for distribution, takeaway, and delivery.

If the hotel is under the modified general community quarantine, they will be allowed to resume operations of their amenities or ancillary establishments. However, they can only do so with 50% operational capacity only.

6. They must not impose unreasonable rates.


The DOT strongly encourages hotels in the Philippines to offer the lowest possible rates, especially to OFWs and employees of establishments that are permitted to operate in ECQ, MECQ, and GCQ zones (e.g. hospitals, supermarkets, etc.).

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To view the full Administrative Order No. 2020-002: Guidelines on the Operations of Hotels and Other Accommodation Establishments Under a Community Quarantine, click here. (For businesses, the link will contain the template for the Letter of Intent to Operate, DOT Accreditation Application Form, list of accreditation requirements, reporting template, and the DOT directory.)

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