Bali to Open Borders in September After Coronavirus Lockdown

Bali plans to welcome new international tourists in September 2020 as part of their phased reopening.


  • After a 3-month coronavirus lockdown, Bali has decided to reopen in phases.
  • However, should there be any new spike in COVID-19 infections, the plans may still be halted.
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Post-Coronavirus Lockdown Plans in Bali

To revive the economic activity of Bali, the governor of the popular tourist spot has laid out their post-coronavirus lockdown plans. The first phase, which aims to gradually open businesses to the island’s residents and stranded foreigners, is already in effect since the first week of July. They plan to open Bali to the rest of the locals on July 31.

Phase 3 of the post-COVID-19 reopening plan is set on September 11, 2020. They will open up Bali’s borders to new foreign arrivals, provided that the first 2 phases will be successful.

Health guidelines and measures will be observed during the reopening, and closure of certain areas is still possible if coronavirus cases in Bali continue to increase.

COVID-19 Cases in Bali

As of this article’s publish time, Bali has recorded 2,257 confirmed cases, 1,508 recoveries, and 27 deaths. Indonesia has had 76,981 confirmed cases, 36,689 recovered patients, and 3,656 deaths.

Bali Travel Ideas


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Reference: Coronavirus Travel Updates in Bali

You can view the article (in Bahasa) that talks about Bali’s post-coronavirus travel lockdown plans here.

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