How to Book the Best Camping & Glamping Spots in Korea

Korea’s Top Camping Spots & How to Book Them

I consider myself more as a city person, but living in Korea has made me want to explore the great outdoors. Whenever I get out of Seoul for a day trip, I just couldn’t help but feel amazed by the landscapes in Gyeonggi, Gangwon, and Chungcheong, just to name a few areas. It took me quite some time to actually go camping, but when I did, I realized that it’s really one thing to take in Korea’s nature from a distance, and another to actually spend a night in it. It was just a fun and memorable experience! And one thing I’ve learned about camping or glamping in Korea is that it’s so easy to do. There are many options available during winter, spring, summer, and fall, so you can go on a healing trip anytime you’d like. The camping and glamping spots are also safe and generally equipped, so you won’t even need to worry about having the proper equipment. (Soju and some good meat will do!)

If you’re living in Korea, you can easily locate and book the best camping spots on WAUG. You’ll find many options in the app, from glamping sites to caravans! If you don’t have WAUG on your phone yet, go ahead and download it here. Right now, the Camping category is only available in Korean language. However, booking is pretty straightforward for foreigners who are living in Korea as I’ll show in the last section of this guide. (Oh, you can also use the same app to book restaurants and attractions near you! You’ll find tons of options available in WAUG’s Korean, English, and Japanese pages.)

1. Camping and Glamping in Gyeonggi-do

Here are some of the camping spots in Gyeonggi that you can book on the WAUG app at a discount:

2. Camping and Glamping in Chungcheong

3. Camping and Glamping in Gyeongsang

4. Camping and Glamping in Gangwon

How to Book the Best Camping & Glamping Spots in Korea

1. Download the WAUG app and click “캠핑 & 글램핑”

The Camping category is the one with the tent icon!


2. Select an area, date, and no. of people

3. Choose an option & room configuration

4. Provide your details and check out

You can check out using your card, Naver Pay, or Toss.

5. All set!

Once your transaction goes through, you’ll receive a confirmation via email and app!

BONUS: Car Camping in Korea & Other Glamping Ideas

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